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Sian Elvin

Leamington Spa/Kent, GB
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Journalist and editor

Sian. 21. UK. Journalist and editor. News reporter, writer, ranter!

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Wbd1 article
World Book Day: book or film, which do you prefer?

Sian Elvin lends her expertise to Fancy Dress Ball for World Book Day

Student elections1 article
Students' Union elections: tempting to ignore, but DON'T

Sian Elvin writes about why it's so important to vote in your SU elections

Timthumb article
Editor's Letter: "The waiting game"

Comment: Deputy editor Sian Elvin has had enough of the communication problem between the university and Stagecoach which has made the commute to and from Leamington a nightmare

Timthumb article
Does the Fitbit fit the bit-fit student?

Science & Technology: Has Varsity got you in the mood for exercise? Deputy editor Sian Elvin reviews the Fitbit One, a fitness tracker

Timthumb article
Super Bowl fundraises for cancer

News: Warwick SU saw the Super Bowl XLIX final head across the ocean to the atrium

Student house to l 2723091b article
House hunting? Here are some important tips

Sian Elvin gives some important advice to student house hunters

Timthumb article
A city in a day

Travel: A day trip to a foreign country? Deputy editor Sian Elvin tells how to make the most out of a day in a city like Copenhagen

Timthumb article
A guide to fighting the Fresher’s 15

Lifestyle: Resolved to fight the fat? Here are deputy editor Sian Elvin’s top tips...

Writers resolutions 2015 article
Career Camel writers’ resolutions 2015

Chief blog editor Sian Elvin collates the Career Camel writers’ resolutions 2015

Pole dancing 2961465b article
I'm a pole dancer, not a stripper. Let's end the stigma

Sian Elvin writes about beating the stigma surrounding pole dancing

4694122800 e2bccdb2c9 z article
Book reviews for 2014

Sian Elvin reviews her most (and least) favourite books from 2014

Ski tour (17) article
Sian goes skiing

Sian Elvin writes about her first experiences of skiing in Val d'Isere

3424991900 35a813f8c5 z article
Five reasons why students should learn how to drive

Sian Elvin explains how learning to drive can benefit your career

Academic maternity leave 011 article
Academia for women: short maternity leave, few part-time roles and lower pay

Equality Challenge Unit figures reveal a dismal picture for female academics with the continued dominance of men in the sector

Timthumb article
Shakespeare on the Road: Paul Prescott interview

Arts: Deputy editor Sian Elvin catches up with Paul Prescott to chat about his recent road trip to find Shakespeare in the US