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iPhone 6 #BendGate: It's A Thing

Sian Elvin discusses the latest Apple controversy: the iPhone 6 #BendGate

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There's Now A GoPro... For Animals?!

Sian Elvin takes a look at the new GoPro for dogs - Fetch

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Laserlight: An Invention Which Could Save Cyclists' Lives

Sian Elvin looks at a new invention, Laserlight, which might just save some lives of cyclists

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Is Technology Changing Our Experience Of Sport?

Sian Elvin discusses how technology is beginning to impact the sport world

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The Remote-Controlled Contraceptive Chip: Good Or Evil?

Sian Elvin explores the benefits and concerns of the new contraceptive chip

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Are Computers Really Becoming Human?

Sian Elvin asks whether robots and computers are really going to take over the world

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3D Fruit Printer Creates An Edible Raspberry

Sian Elvin looks at brand-new 3D fruit-printing technology

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Google To Launch Self-Driving Cars

Sian Elvin explores the concept of Google's new self-driving car

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Battle Of The Smartphones: iPhone Vs. Samsung

Sian Elvin compares Samsung's Galaxy S5 with the rumoured iPhone 6

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