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Go Ape: students are going bananas for it

The Elvinator pays a visit to the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure site in Kent, and looks at why you should visit!

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Social craze: Emma Watson will not be silenced

Sian Elvin discusses the controversy surrounding Emma Watson for her final ever social craze column

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Social craze: ice bucket challenge proves how amazing the internet really is

Kettle gives you the full low-down on the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, along with the best bits

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Social craze: Broom Broom rules the internet

Sian Elvin talks about this week's social craze: a Vine from a British student taking the internet by storm

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What your parents told you not to do: talking to strangers online

Sian Elvin argues that you shouldn't be shy about talking to people you don't know online

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Kettle reviews the hottest apps of summer 2014

Sian Elvin reviews the latest and most popular apps, giving you her picks for summer 2014

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Social craze: the internet bites back at Luis Suarez

In this week's social craze column, Sian Elvin analyses the reaction on social media to the Luis Suarez World Cup bite

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Social craze: when #WhyImVotingUkip went wrong

Sian Elvin brings us this week's social craze column: when the hashtag #WhyImVotingUkip went very wrong on Twitter

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Five celebrities who we have forgotten existed

Sian Elvin has some of the celebrities we appear to have forgotten existed. Anyone you would want to add to the list?

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Social craze: Women Who Eat On Tubes reaches 20,000 Facebook members

Sian Elvin brings us this week's social craze column: Women Who Eat On Tubes

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Social craze: Cheryl Cole returns to the X Factor

Sian Elvin launches Kettle's new social craze column by writing about Cheryl Cole's return to 'The X Factor'

Papers article
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Getting the best work experience in journalism

Trying to get that work experience placement at a local paper and set yourself up in the ever-changing journalism world? Sian Elvin is here to help with some tips!

Mightytext article
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MightyText: the app all iPhone users wish they had

Sian Elvin downloads an app which allows you to send SMS messages from your PC or tablet

Twitter mdgovpics flickr article
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Celebrities: seriously, watch what you tweet

Social media editor Sian Elvin gives the low-down on the latest celebrity Twitter offenders

Kewe app 2 article article
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Is Taio Cruz’s KeWe really the key to the we?

Sian Elvin has a look at the new social networking app