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Emma Watson wows the internet with a speech on feminism

The actress causes waves across the internet when she gives a speech as the UN Women’s Global Goodwill Ambassador

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The owner of a wedding photo discovered at Ground Zero has finally been found

Every year since 9/11, a woman has shared a photo of a scrunched wedding photo she found at Ground Zero

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Video: be prepared for ‘The Pale Blue Dot’ to blow your mind

A photo called ‘The Pale Blue Dot’ has been taken, which literally shows the Earth as a tiny speck in the middle of space

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A heartbreaking message in a bottle has been found

A Reddit user found a heartbreaking message in a bottle, and had to share it with the world

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Cat rescues family from burning house

A family managed to escape from their burning down house with help from their pet cat

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Watch this cockatoo and dog hijack a kitchen together

Spike the cockatoo is potentially the best friend a dog could ever have

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Paramedic pays off grieving family’s parking ticket

Marc Primrose found a parking ticket of the daughter of one of his patients in his ambulance, and decided to pay it off

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These letters prove there is still love in the world

The More Love Letters campaign is simple, but extremely effective

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Video: the ice bucket challenge is far more important than everyone thought

The #ALSIceBucketChallenge has taken the internet by storm, and Anthony Carbajal emotionally explains why it's so important

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Good news for disorganised students

New app Dragdis allows students to keep their messy digital library organised

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Teacher came out as gay in a school assembly four years ago - and he's still inspiring people

David Weston received a beautiful letter four years after coming out during morning assembly at Watford Grammar School

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Women’s magazine publishes photo of actress breast-feeding

Olivia Wilde has been portrayed breast-feeding in a photo shoot in Glamour‘s September issue

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Strangers Within, independent film review: 'On a totally different level'

A group of students have teamed together to create their own independent film, which they say is "on a totally different level"

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Couple find photo of themselves together - 11 years before they met

A couple were looking at family photos ahead of their wedding and found a photo of themselves unknowingly playing together at a beach

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Video: singer challenges beauty standards

Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat has recently released a new song which challenges the beauty standards of today